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EP5: Acquiring businesses, real estate, and saas with Davis Austerberry

About this episode: This week we have Davis Austerberry on as a guest. Davis has amazing insights into acquiring businesses. In this episode, we’ll talk about how he bought...

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EP4: Starting indie, stocks, and real estate with Sergiy Kalmuk

About this episode: This week Nazar and I have an amazing conversation with Sergiy Kalmuk, our long time friend and aspiring indie entrepreneur. Sergi brings some interesting insights on why...

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EP3: Ecommerce and mindset with Alexey Rom

About this episode: This week we bring you another successful indie entrepreneur. Alexey has been making a full-time income with his ecommerce store. He’s also been building his stock portfolios,...

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EP2: Dividend stocks and options trading with Suraj Pai

About this episode: Today we will discuss one of the potential indie incomes entrepreneurs have at their disposal to build their indie stack. That income stream is dividend stocks and...

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